We are difference makers and look to change the lives of each artist we work with...and to change the world through our passion in music.   We do not take for granted the role that our clients have entrusted us with.  We have integrated music, film, television, radio, fashion and technological advancements into a one-stop powerhouse.  We are a place where artists and our entire team can feel inspired and their creativity can flourish.  We want our clients to feel comfortable and confident working with some of the biggest names in media and entertainment.  We provide services to grammy, diamond, platinum, and gold artists of all genres, as well as new & developing acts.  Our focus is to provide core services required to maximize the full potential of each artist and their brands.
The visions of Founders, Jamaica A. Johnson and Marlana T. Alden are bold ones: 

To unleash creativity and curiosity through excellence, integrity and humility.  To assemble a winning team of TOP talents, whose passion for what they do show in every project. To put God first, and our client’s goal our TOP priority. To change the lives of others through music, entertainment, film/TV, fashion and more. To make an impact in the world of music and entertainment and to inspire our artists to pay it forward.

We are a full-service, diversified entertainment and media company with emphasis on marketing and production.  We are focused on one thing:  delivering results.  Our incredible team has a combined 200+ years of experience in marketing, consulting, management, branding, booking, recording, production, and more.  Our vast network of industry partners, as well as our winning team of grammy producers, grammy engineers, senior consultants, music supervisors, media crews, photographers, award-winning songwriters, directors, publicists, and many others, know how to turn creativity into hits and superstars.  We also realize that many artists and clients that come to our door are fearful of the unknown and are afraid to take the next leap. We understand their frustrations.  We understand their struggles.  We want to assure our clients that they are not alone. We go above and beyond to deliver and help our clients discover their true talent. We also bring new meaning to music/entertainment and teamwork.  Our team think outside the box...unleashing curiosity and creativity.  Our artists come to us with a superhuman desire to reach their goals.  We seek TOP talent and treat our team fairly and with respect.  Many have become like family.  



We have worked with some of the most influential and talented superstars of all time, including Pitbull, Bruno Mars, Dr. Dre, Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, Lady Gaga, Irene Cara, Seal, Ne-Yo, Kanye West, Enrique Iglesias, Kid Rock, Leanne Rimes, Jewel, Mark Anthony, Lil' Kim, Aaliyah, Mary J Blige, P. Diddy, and many others.....


To Our Clients:  

To consistently deliver and exceed expectations.  To build trust, transparency, and empathy. 


To Our Staff: 

To seek TOP talent and team members who share the same vision and passion.  To foster a team environment of positivity, curiosity, creativity, pride, and strong work ethics.  To encourage out-of-the box thinking and practicality.


To Our Community:   

By sharing our time, resources, and talents to connect with the community and assist in areas that best align with our vision.



God & Family

Superhuman Work Ethics


Success With Humility

Empowering Future Leaders

Positive Mindset

Never Give Up 

Do Good & Giving Back



At JamMar Moguls, 441 Entertainment & JM Publishing we offer a one-stop powerhouse of services to our valued clients:


Music Marketing

Consultations for Artist Managers

Artist Management

A&R Consulting

Artist Development

Audio Production


Audio Mixing

Digital and Analog Mastering

Music Programming

Original Music Scores and Sound Beds

Audio Instruction

Visual Media Editing

Video Production







Special Projects

Record Label Service with Major Distributions

Music Publishing




Voice Over and Jingles:

The use of state-of-the-art pre-amps and high-end tube microphones guarantees a pristine signal path for any kind of commercial voice-over work. Time stretching and editing are available for exact timing applications. Custom music of all styles can be created for your specific needs.  Cross-country clients can sit in on the talent’s session via Zoom or FaceTime.


Customized Songwriting

If you are a singer or aspiring artist, but don’t write, or perhaps you just have some lyric or melodic ideas, we can help you develop, finish, and polish them into a quality song. We also custom-write songs for artists based on their personal experiences and their unique singing style. Each song is personalized for the artist.