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Hourly Rate

1-5 hours



Day Rate

6 Hour Block



Commercial song

“Radio Ready” Single

Fully produced single,

Professional Mix
and Master

Studio Musicians



4 Song Demo

2 Day Maximum

Tracking, Edit, and Mix




“Radio Ready”

Album Production

Live Studio Musicians

Production Services

Tracking, Editing,

Mixing, Mastering

MIXING: Call for a quote.


This involves taking your pre-existing tracks and carefully blending them using the latest techniques of equalization, compression, and the use of ambient and special effects to create “radio-ready” mixes.

MASTERING: Call for a quote.

What is Mastering?

Through carefully applied compression and equalization, mastering is the process of sonically balancing and creatively enhancing your final mixes.  When performed correctly it can take your mixes to the next level adding punch, clarity, and volume while preserving the dynamic contour of each track.  When mastering a complete album, care is taken to ensure that the overall color  (equalization) and feel (volume) are consistent from track to track.  Excess silence is removed and fades are adjusted where needed so that the flow from song to song is natural and pleasing.


Why do I need it?

If you want your mixes to compete with what is currently on the market, chances are you’ll need to have it mastered.  Through the use of high-end Mastering hardware and software and years of experience, we can ensure that your mixes will be enhanced to their fullest potential.


Is it expensive?

There are currently numerous online companies that offer mastering services and their rates can vary drastically making the choice somewhat complicated.  If you try to save money will your project suffer for it?  At JamMar Moguls we feel that we offer outstanding quality and value for your money. It is, of course, the mastering engineer’s ears and experience.   


What’s the process?

If you aren’t near one of our facilities you can either mail the mixes or for faster service transfer them directly over the internet.  A 50% deposit is required to initiate work. Sections of each mastered mix will be provided for your reference and upon final approval, the balance and final payment will be due.  Final masters can be transferred digitally or by post at a nominal additional charge.  Payments can be made via Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Cash, or  Bank Check.


Additional Service:

Once you’ve placed your deposit down for mastering, we offer a unique service in which we’ll review your mixes (prior to mastering) and offer suggestions on possible mix improvement.  If you are in a position where you can still make adjustments, this can be invaluable.  Many of our clients take advantage of this service as it can be very beneficial to get a "fresh set of ears" on a project.

Call for a Quote.



Full Production: 

This involves the arranging, tracking, and editing of all instruments and vocals. The final steps are mixing and mastering.


Additional Production:

If you’ve already recorded most or part of your song, but need those finishing touches to make it really stand out, then this is your solution.


Grammy & Celebrity Vocal Coaching and Production:

Our network of Grammy/celebrity vocal coaches has produced and coached hundreds of vocalists. Being a vocalist themselves, they have a unique perspective on vocal recording and strives to capture vocals that balance unbridled emotion with technical excellence. 


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