At JamMar Moguls, we offer many different services to our clients.


  • The Latest Music Technology

  • Audio Production

  • Engineering

  • Audio Mixing

  • Digital and Analog Mastering

  • Music Programming

  • Original Music Scores and Soundbeds

  • Private Consultation

  • Audio Instruction

  • Visual Media Editing

  • Video Production

  • Marketing

  • Label Services

  • Consulting

  • Management

  • Entertainment






Voice Over and Jingles:

The use of state of the art pre-amps and high-end tube microphones guarantee a pristine signal path for any kind of commercial voice-over work. Time stretching and editing are available for exact timing applications. Custom music of all styles can be created for your specific needs.  Cross country clients can sit in on the talent’s session via telephone or Skype.


Customized Songwriting

If you are a singer or aspiring artist but don’t write, or perhaps you just have some lyric or melodic ideas, we can help you develop, finish, and polish them into a quality song. We also custom-write songs for artists based on their personal experiences and their unique singing style. Each song is personalized for the artist.